Executive Onboarding

Assimilation and Executive Onboarding

The process of transitioning an executive role within an organization, or joining a new organization at an executive level, requires a planned approach to acclimate your new leader. The relationships that an executive builds in the formative early months of their assignment are of paramount importance. Creating an action plan that empowers them to maximize their skills as they build a mutually supportive network will shorten the time it takes them to achieve the challenging goals you have set for them.

Elements of success include Talent Management Solutions’ following services:

  • Customized executive onboarding/transitioning plan
  • Development of processes and design of programs for executive onboarding/transitioning
  • Executive onboarding coaching
  • New leader assimilation

Kathy is committed to helping executives as they move forward on a successful and satisfying career journey. She knows that success begins with onboarding and can help to create the framework that helps executives achieve their goals. Call Kathy at 413-557-8891